Staff Accountant


The Staff Accountant role at Chasse & Co. is an exciting, multi-faceted position that allows you to learn the ins and outs of working in accounting, integrating finance, and reach your full potential.

Our Staff Accounting team works diligently on accounting and tax assignments with plentiful opportunities to expand their scope of knowledge in other aspects of financial support. In this role, you will handle less complex tasks with expert guidance from our Senior Accountants to increase your skill set and abilities. Enjoy a flexible schedule, an in-house wealth of expertise, and career coaching for internal advancement. Start as a Staff Accountant at Chasse & Co. to kickstart your career in finance at Maine’s most comprehensive financial consulting and CPA firm.

About Chasse & Co.

Chasse & Company is a Maine-based CPA and accounting firm. We provide comprehensive consulting and accounting services that help real Mainers and Maine businesses achieve long-term success.

With more than 70 years of combined experience in tax preparation, strategic planning, finance, and risk management, we cultivate smart solutions for our client’s financial goals. We build trust and provide value by using strategic foresight for Mainers and Maine businesses every day of the year.

Duties & Responsibilities

As a member of our Staff Accounting team, you’ll take on the following objectives and responsibilities:

Accounting & Tax Preparation
  • Review client’s income regarding potential deductions and credits.
  • Assist businesses and individuals in preparing financial statements and tax returns.
  • Apply federal, state, and local codes to ensure effective tax strategy.
  • Consult clients on operational tax strategy and effectiveness.
  • Learn to complete work papers and apply “best practices” on client services.
  • Develop quality client relationships and loyalty.
  • Provide strategic feedback to enhance company profitability and a healthier balance sheet.
  • Provide excellent client service by quickly producing quality work and providing attentive service.


Our goal is to continue building our team with financial experts who aim to help others find financial success with strategic assistance. We want to hear from you about what your skills are today and how you’d like to learn and grow in the future. That said, we’re looking for professionals with the following:

  • 0-2 years of experience as a Staff Accountant or a similar role.
  • College undergraduate degree, working toward 150 hours of education.
  • Keen attention to detail, alongside an analytical approach.
  • Confidence in preparing financial documents for a range of clients.
  • Organizational skills to manage numerous projects.
  • A collaborative and ego-free personality with enthusiasm for learning and building skills in the industry.


  • Competitive Base Salary of $55-65k
    • Tax season bonus
    • Year-end bonus
  • Encouragement, support, and guidance to advance 
    • Company-paid CPE credits
    • CPA course prep and exam reimbursement
    • On-the-job training of advanced financial support skills
  • Health & Wellness Benefits
    • Premium health, dental, vision, and life insurance 
  • Time Off Benefits
    • 18 days PTO
    • 10 paid holidays
    • A flexible schedule when workload permits
    • Family, medical, bereavement, and other types of leave
  • Retirement Benefits
    • Company-matched retirement plan

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